15 Jan

6 Things to Keep in Mind


Dry Rot

The first sign you need new siding is dry rot. How do you know if you have dry rot? If you inspect the wood, it is soft and you can push it in. We often use a screwdriver to test. The most common places we find dry rot is in the outside corner trim, window trim and along the bottom of the siding (close to the ground).

Cracks & Gaps

The second sign that you need new siding is cracks and gaps. If your siding is cracking, chipping or has large gaps between the siding abutments, it’s time to call in the professionals for a closer inspection.


The third sign is a little tougher to recognize; drafts. If you feel drafts near windows or walls, it may be time to consider buttoning up your home a little tighter. We often hear our homeowners tell us that their electric and/or gas bill went down significantly after re-siding.


The fourth sign is going to require you to really look close; take a walk around your house nice and slow and inspect for bulging siding. This may require you to look at your siding from various angles. This could be a sign that your interior sheathing has dry rot.


The fifth sign is mold or mildew inside your home. This means moisture from outside your home is making it’s way in. Time to call us in to give you a full review.

Curb Appeal

The sixth and last reason you may want to invest in new siding is curb appeal. Whether you are looking to sell or just want an updated look, re-siding your home can help the appeal to a prospective buyer or can give you that updated curb appeal you are looking for! We are all about you loving your home! 

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