16 Jun

In today’s world, we have more choices than ever when it comes to siding than we ever have had before. Today, we are going to talk about James Hardie Color Plus siding vs. James Hardie primed siding.ColorPlus Pros:
1) Faster time to completion; since the product is already finish, the homeowner does not have to wait for the newly installed siding to be painted. In the Willamette Valley, this becomes even more relevant during our wet falls, winters and springs. It can be frustrating as a homeowner to wait for a “sun cycle” or the right temperature to have the painting completed.
2) Longer color life span; ColorPlus has been designed to resist UV rays whereas paint eventually fades when exposed to sun.
3) ColorPlus color is “baked” on for a seamless finish.
4) 15 year limited warranty; James Hardie offers a 15-year that covers the paint and labor for the color portion of the siding. The boards have a 30-year limited warranty.
ColorPlus Cons:
1) Limited color choices; ColorPlus is offered in 23 colors for HardiePlank, HardieShingle and HardiePanel and in 10 colors for HardieTrim and HardieSoffit.
2) Expense; ColorPlus is a little more expensive than Hardie primed siding after being painted.
3) Availability; ColorPlus is not always readily available through local suppliers and sometimes needs to be ordered directly from the company which can take up to 3 weeks.Primed Pros:
1) More color options; if none of the color options are available are appealing to the homeowner for the overall look they are desiring, you have thousands of choices in color if you paint.
2) Availability; most suppliers keep primed HardiePlank in stock and can be delivered quickly.
3) Easier touch-ups; if your siding gets chipped or scratched, it is easy to touch-up with leftover paint.
4) Affordability; Primed siding with painting is slightly less expensive.
Primed Cons:
1) Timing; primed Hardie can be installed year round (even in inclimate weather), however, it cannot be painted year-round. If the homeowner is not siding their home during the dry season, they may have to wait until dry weather to have it painted. Hardie recommends painting the siding within 6 months of installation OR if the siding cannot be painted within that timeframe the siding will need to be primed again or use a paint that has primer in it.
2) Warranty; most paint companies offer a “lifetime” warranty. However, this is for extreme fading and not chipping, peeling or cracking.Visit www.jameshardie.com for a complete list of colors and siding options. Or – we at Cascadia Exteriors are here to help you discover which product best serves your needs!

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